Custom Made - A tangible memory

// Médalion

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Custom made 18kt fairtrade gold medalion - 

- for keeping pictures of your loved once safe and close to your heart,  

Two diffrent sizes.

// A smaller for only one picture

// A bigger one with room for two pictures




// Big Jade

by Janne K. Hansen |

Big custom-made ring with customers own gold and own very beautiful and rare imperial jade stone.


by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Custom made wedding rings -

- two colors white / gold, 18 kt fairtrade gold 

Simple and elegant design 

// Solitaire

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Custom made solitaire ring in 18 kt fairtrade gold - 

- with the most beautiful untreated 0.73 ct blue purple sapphire from Sri Lanka.


// 100 stone ring

by Janne K. Hansen |

Custom made wedding rings - 

- Classic heavy gold ring for the gentleman

- 100 diamonds pavé setting in a beautiful high polished ring for the lady + one small 0.015 red ruby from Madagascar placed inside the ring as a personal detail.  

Both rings are 18 kt fairtrade gold from Peru.

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