Custom Made - A tangible memory

// Mukumu Kvadrat

by Janne K. Hansen |

Custom made wedding ring.

18 kt tricolour gold (yellow /white /red) + 18 kt gold inner ring in Fairtrade gold - 

- Later we added four untreated top quality rubies. 

// Simplicitas

by Janne K. Hansen |

Elegant drop pendent with customers own diamond - 

- Made with 18 kt fairtrade gold


A Pill

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Personal custom made gift. 

Earpiece in 18 kt fairtrade gold,


by Janne K. Hansen |

Eternity ring in 18 kt fairtrade gold.

Reshaped // Reused

by Janne K. Hansen |

Costumer inherited ring reshaped - We used the large diamond from and old ring in another design.

Ring made with 18 kt yellow fairtrade gold from Peru. 

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