Custom Made - A tangible memory

Signet Ring

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Custommade signet ring in 18 ct gold with two greenish sapphires.


by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

A couple from Austin Texas visiting Copenhagen popped in our shop and ordered these WOODRINGS on a chain. We laser engraved a heart with initials in the rings - like carved with a knife in a tree. The rings hang on a closed chain so the rings cannot be used as rings until the chain will be opened for the wedding.

WOODRING NO. 2 / 18 kt Fairtrade gold / black ruthenium plating / 7.800 kr

WOODRING NO. 2 / 18 kt Fairtrade gold / 7.800 kr

LONG DOUBLE CHAIN / 18 kt Fairtrade gold / 6.600 kr


Fingerprint Pendant

by Janne K. Hansen |

Fingerprints of our client's two children on each side of the pendant.

18 kt white gold.

14.000 kr





"The Blue Flower" project

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

"A blue flower" is a central symbol of inspiration. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. It symbolizes hope and the beauty of things. German author Novalis used the symbol in his unfinished Bildungsroman, entitled Heinrich von Ofterdingen. After contemplating a meeting with a stranger, the young Heinrich von Ofterdingen dreams about a blue flower which calls to him and absorbs his attention.

18 kt gold and blue sapphires in SAKURA settings. Approximately 7.600 dkr.


The Blue Flower


Finished ring


Soldering Setup


Tugtupite project

by Karl Ejnar Nybo |

Our client brought a really nice piece of rare tugtupite from Greenland. From this we made a ring and two pairs of earrings.

We used certified 18 kt gold from Greenland for the project and the stones were cut inhouse.


Round Earrings


Square earrings in process   


The Rock

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