THE INVISIBLE GIFT // coming soon

THE INVISIBLE GIFT // coming soon

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Sterling silver 925‰, fine silver 999‰ and linen cord.

Christmas decorations that refers to the act of giving.

These Christmas decorations is something that looks like everything that is usually left around the tree when the Christmas party is over - used gift wrap with tape, torn ribbons and curled Christmas cards.

Giving is often very special, you can hardly wait to see if the person you give a gift to will be happy. You see it clearly when small children, wants to give their gift right away because they are so excited to give. It is for me one of the most beautiful things about Christmas, namely that we all feel a great joy in giving to others. This is the gesture I would like to refer to through my Christmas decorations, not to the actual item you give or receive but the very feeling of having given given something to another.

2021 // Janne K. Hansen