'Magic Language /// Game of Whispers'


Grand Palais, Paris / Nordic Craft Pavillon 2015



Janne K. Hansen and the 'TAROT' series of brooches was selected for the exhibition at Nordic Craft Pavillon 2015, in a very peculiar way:

'Magic Language /// Game of Whispers' is based on the children’s game known by many names, including ‘téléphone arabe’, ‘chinese whispers’ and ‘the messenger game’, where a person whispers a message to the next, passing the message through a line of people until the last person announces the message to the entire group. Curator Marianne Zamecznik developed this method for selecting contemporary crafts from across the Nordic region.

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Marius Hansteen, conseiller culturel at the Ambassade de Danemark with the Danish Ambassador Mme Kirsten Malling and the Danish curator Katrine Borup, viewing the 'TAROT' Brooches by Janne K. Hansen.