// About Goldfingers

“The name 'Goldfingers' comes from my first email address, created on a whim back in the 90s. The name just stuck. Goldfingers refers to the name of the James Bond movie, and represents my craft with the precious metal.”   Janne K. Hansen  

Goldfingers is both brand and gallery. The brand is a collection of handmade jewelry in Fairtrade metals, created with artistic energy and devotion to technique, medium and aesthetic. Together, Janne K. Hansen and Karl Ejnar Nybo are creative perfectionists at the fore, balancing the contrasts between order and chaos, poetry and punk. 

Their joint collection for Goldfingers is the epitome of their craft – precise and subtle. In design, the collection embodies classic and modern typologies, always with an element that upends expectation, pushing the boundaries of convention. Like a solitaire ring with two stones instead of one. Like a cast of a hollow tree trunk, forming a ring. Like a gold ring crossed with a bar and secretive gems at the ends. The Goldfingers collection is for those who appreciate quality, storytelling, and unique composition. These qualities shine through, whether in the collection's art design, made in Fairtrade metals, or a redesigned family heirloom.  

Goldfingers the Gallery is an agenda setting exhibition room, an aesthetic space for the expression of experimental art jewelry. A room as light and airy as a Scandinavian summer's night, open and inviting as a showcase offering its treasures, like a stage anticipating its stars. Throughout the past six years of Goldfinger's history, this space has had the honor of hosting a variety of the very best Scandinavian and European jewelry designers. 





A fleeting thought, a poem, a texture. Janne K. Hansen is inspired by the immediate and the abstract. By poetry embodied as a picture. By darkness as a story, and by the aesthetic of the slow and grim. She transforms the vague and dystopic into fine art jewelry with great ease. And that is Janne K. Hansen's signature and strength. That she can break her own artistic narrative and channel it through the competent and perfectionist hands of the goldsmith. She is both artist and artisan. Nebulous and concrete. As the artist, she flies in the slipstream of vision, as the artisan, she remains grounded in technique, functionality, and aesthetic. 





Like an alchemist in his laboratory, Karl Ejnar Nybo is a nerd of the noblest kind. A smith and inventor of the most precious, and a goldsmith in the most literal sense of the word. An inquisitive perfectionist who energizes himself with immersion in his work, creating elaborate pieces of jewelry, where form and content, functionality and aesthetic meet each other in new and exciting ways with an ethical edge. Goldfingers create jewelry in Fairtrade metals that last a lifetime. Neither Janne or Karl Ejnar are timid when it comes to fashion, but they use it as a medium to explore and create jewelry in their own lasting image. With Karl Ejnar, the tangible idea, competent craft, and definitive perfectionism are the drivers behind his trade. They're the motivation that secured him a medal at the end of his apprenticeship. It's the technique, the materials and the many possibilities that both encompass. It's the process, refinement, and finish that spark his light. Like miniature cogs in the wheel of art jewelry and design, creating joy and empathy toward the people he works with: apprentices, colleagues, and customers. It's the magical possibilities paired with the ethical challenges of using Fairtrade metals in creating long-lasting and wearable memories.