Precious Stones

River mining in Sri Lanka
High quality and sustainability is the top priority for us at Goldfingers. Unfortunately, perfectly sustainable diamonds does not exist in the diamond market.
However, we strive to work with suppliers who are committed to working towards a more sustainable diamond industry. We primarily get our diamonds from Canada, Australia and Africa.
Some of our diamonds come from a highly respected diamond company in Antwerp, who supports a number of projects in Africa that work towards the first sustainable diamonds.
We also work with a local supplier, that puts great emphasis on traceability, which is an important part of ethical diamonds. She get the diamonds from Australia and Canada and she can guarantee the origin of the stones.
We want to be part of a more ethical and sustainable diamond industry, and try to get our diamonds from suppliers who want the same. 
Our sapphires and spinels originate from the beautiful Madagaskar and Sri Lanka and are all mined by hand using traditional mining methods that respects both local workers and nature. 
Most gemstones today are treated with heat which makes the primary color of the stone more clear, but this treatment also causes the secondary colors of the stone to fade and thereby making the stone appear more dull.  At Goldfingers we only use natural and unheated stones. 
An unheated gemstone is much more rare and shows colors that play together which adds to the stones personality. Sustainability and high quality is important at Goldfingers and that is evident in our choice of gemstones.
Raw sapphire
Colors of the rainbow, raw untreated natural sapphires
Ancient mining methods, Sri Lanka
Beautiful colors of raw spinel