Dear Customer, 

Should the jewelry fail to satisfy, according to the EU-legislation on international internet trading, you have the right to withdraw from the transaction and return the jewelry to us, up to 14 days after receipt.

To use your right of withdrawal, you must inform us unambiguously that you wish to withdraw, e.g. by letter or e-mail. You may use the Notice of Return form included in the shipment, but this is not obligatory.

Carefully note that you cannot exert your rights of our Return Policy by refusal to receive the parcel from the forwarder, you have to receive it.

Kindly note that your right to withdrawal from the transaction does not apply for items especially made for you e.g. jewelry, custom made to your specific measurements or if especially sealed wrapping is broken.

The goods must be returned to us within 14 days after you informed us of your wish to withdraw. Product returns must be sent to the following address: Goldfingers, Klosterstræde 18, 1157 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Be aware that you carry all expenses involved with the return shipment, this includes the transportation, insurance and possible extra packing materials. The jewelry must be packed carefully in its original packing material, which should be undamaged. You should use same forwarder or one of same high standard. Furthermore, we recommend the jewelry to be fully insured during the transportation, as you carry responsibility for disappearance of or damage to the jewelry until it is returned to Goldfingers. You must keep the documentation of the dispatch in case it is needed later.

The returned goods must be undamaged and unchanged. If sign of use, beside what is reasonable to determine the nature and function of the jewelry (same handling, as you would exercise in a physical shop) or if it is damaged, you are responsible of any reduction it may cause to the value of the product(s). It is Goldfingers that determines the value of the damage. At the same time we point out, that Goldfingers only trade in products of high quality, and therefore will reject receipt of any item with visible or functional damages, hence the item will still belong to you.

If you annul the trading in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions, we will refund the price of the jewelry as well as the transportation costs for shipping to you. As mentioned above we will subtract any reduction in value of the jewelry in case of use/damage. We will refund the amount within 14 days after receipt of your Notice of Return, though we reserve the right to delay the refund until after we receive the goods and have inspected it.

If the jewelry is damaged or defective when you receive it, or if we by mistake have sent you a wrong product, then please contact us immediately after receipt by phone (+45) 32 17 37 30 or by email and we will assist you.

Additionally to our return-policy, as a customer you are protected by the general provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act as regards defects and delay, but please be ensured that we at Goldfingers will do our utmost to assist you in any way we can.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by telephone (+45) 32 17 37 30, Monday - Friday from 11:30 - 17:30 CET.

Kind regards, Janne Krogh Hansen and Karl Ejnar Nybo, Goldfingers