A fleeting thought, a poem, a texture. Janne K. Hansen is inspired by the immediate and the abstract. By poetry embodied as a picture. By darkness as a story, and by the aesthetic of the slow and grim. She transforms the vague and dystopic into fine art jewelry with great ease. And that is Janne K. Hansen's signature and strength. That she can break her own artistic narrative and channel it through the competent and perfectionist hands of the goldsmith. She is both artist and artisan. Nebulous and concrete. As the artist, she flies in the slipstream of vision, as the artisan, she remains grounded in technique, functionality, and aesthetic.

 A space where the goldsmith and artist can enter, and disappear in an agenda only she is privy to. Until she emerges, having mobilized words, images, and ideas to become poetic, dystopic, or hybrid art jewelry, in metal, ceramic, and gems. “Art Projects is a medium. A channel through which I can express myself in a language without words. My art is the embodiment of complexity. It's images, feelings, moods – and material narratives that have to more to impart than the prevailing associations to jewelry.” 

 Janne K. Hansen is one of Denmark's most distinguished art jewelry designers. Since becoming a goldsmith in 1998, and graduating from the Institute of Precious Metals in 2004, she has worked both as jeweler and teacher for goldsmith apprentices until becoming an independent designer, jewelry artist, and gallerist in 2005. 

 As a jewelry artist, Janne K. Hansen has exhibited all over the globe, lauded several times over with grants and prizes for forging new ways within the trade – most recently in 2015, where she received the Craftsmand of the Year's silver medal for 2 works, and in 2016, where she was selected to feature at the world's leading juried talent trade show SMUCK in Germany. There are more exhibitions to come in 2016 and 2017, in Denmark and Seoul. 

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