The Danish Art Foundation

by Janne K. Hansen |

I have been selected to be a member of the the Danish Art Foundation. I had my first day at work this Tuesday and will be sitting on the committee for the next four years. On the committee, we will select qualified applicants with projects related to crafts and design, and provide them with financial support. 

I am very proud and happy to have received this opportunity and I am looking forward to getting started.

Here is a picture of all the members in the Danish Art Foundation the next four years.

Foto: Büro Jantzen

Wide world of craft

by Janne K. Hansen |

American Craft Magazine featured Goldfingers and our shop in Copenhagen in their winter issue.

Christmas Exhibition // Py(n)t

by Janne K. Hansen |

Exhibition at KASIA GASPARSKI in Copenhagen and DINA VEJLING in Odense.

Christmas baubles breaking are something most people can relate to. 〰 Py(n)t is an invitation to see the beauty and the humanity of the imperfect. Pyt means "never mind" and "pynt" means decoration in danish, therefore the title Py(n)t. 〰The Christmas decorations are hand forged and made of high polished silver.

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