'BASIC NEEDS' Hoops, 18 kt Fairtrade gold

Fairtrade 18 kt gold hoops in 3 sizes


Jewellery will never be a necessity in life, but there will always be the basics - the bare minimum of a personal collection.

We have been playing, discussing, and shaping to figure out when a design is a basic, and when it's too much to be so. A difficult discipline, and yet we instinctively know when a piece holds the sparsity of almost nothing, but also the beauty of something we can’t explain.

Twist the earring sideways to insert and twist it back to lock it in place.

Made of 18 Fairtrade gold.

Handcrafted in Copenhagen.


Up to 4 weeks production time. -but we probably have some in stock.

So If you need this hoops urgent please contact us.


Price is for one earring. Please add two for a pair.


900,00 kr

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